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Session IV : July 18, 2024
New Developments in Correlative LM EM 
Program for Session IV (coming soon)


Guy Zuber

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Revamping gold nanoparticle conjugates for live cell & in situ gold immunolabeling

Guy Zuber is currently the Director of the Institute of Biotechnology and Cell Signaling. He has extensive experience in biological and supramolecular chemistry applied for the intracellular delivery of macromolecules and nucleic acids into living cells. He contributed pioneering development on synthetic virus-like particles. Today, his team is developing antibody derivatives and gold nanoparticles of around 2 nm for use in living cells and application in cryo-EM.


Kimberly Meechan


Targeted Volume EM using X-Ray Imaging and a Motorised Ultramicrotome

Kimberly is a research software engineer working at UCL ARC.  Her research background is mainly focused on image analysis of microscopy images e.g. volume electron microscopy and X-ray CT. For her PhD at EMBL Heidelberg, she developed open-source software to target specific regions for volume EM and share/explore very large image datasets stored remotely. Later, Kimberly moved to a postdoc position at the British Museum where she focused on combining X-ray CT and 3D scans of objects in their collections.


Martine Schiferer


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