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Session III : May 16, 2024
Special Sample Preparations
Program for Session III (coming soon)

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Sara Miller


Presentation I Title

Speaker I Brief Biography

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Chris Hayden


The Eyes Have It: practical considerations for small animal retinal preparation

Chris was first hooked on the electron microscopy when he spotted the shockingly orange column of a Zeiss 900 in one of his undergraduate studies.  He asked what he had to do to get time on that instrument, Since then, Chris has been playing in the electron microscopy game for nearly 20 years. Chris’s focus has generally been toxicologic effects of developmental compounds in Novartis Pharmaceuticals’ Pre-Clinical Safety division, with an emphasis on sample collection and preparation. Chris is located at the Novartis campus in Cambridge, MA

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Lori A. Breitweiser


Microscopic Methods to Characterize Fungal Infections and
Fungicide Action in planta

Lori is the Senior Technician in the Microscopy and Microanaylsis Lab at Corteva Agriscience and works in Crop Protection R&D, located at the Indianapolis, IN, Global Headquarters.  Lori was originally trained in Biotechnology, but since joining the lab in 2017, she has become a skilled practitioner in a wide variety of microscopic preparation methods, including classic fixation, resin embedding, and ultramicrotomy for light and electron microscopy; critical point drying, sputter coating, and scanning electron microscopy; cytochemical and immunostaining; and cryosectioning.

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Speaker I


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