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Session IV : July 20, 2023
Correlative  & Multimodality Microscopy

Program for Session IV 


Thomas Templier


Thomas founded Collectome, a company that develops products for labs to use MagC, a method to collect ultramicrotomy sections with magnetic actuation. He also is a Research Specialist at Janelia Research Campus, HHMI.


Cheryl Clarkson-Paredes

Screen Shot 2023-05-16 at 10.46.53 PM.png

Cheryl Clarkson-Paredes, DMD, Ph.D., joined George Washington University in 2017 as a Research Scientist at GWNIC (GW Nanofabrication and Imaging Center). Her Ph.D. training at the University of Salamanca was centered on understanding the homeostatic plasticity in the brainstem after sensorial deprivation using neuroanatomical, microscopic, genetic, and physiological techniques. Her postdoctoral appointment at the University of Pittsburgh was focused on changes at pre/postsynaptic neuronal and glial components after temporal deprivation; she was using ultrastructural/molecular analyses at the electron microscopic level, including freeze substitution, postembedding immunogold labeling, and serial section TEM-3D reconstructions.

At the GWNIC, she has been involved in projects to demonstrate, using volume electron microscopy, the development of a new procedure for generating miniature 3D versions of the brain called “organoids” from human stem cells, creating the first organoids capable of myelination, modeling the brain’s structure and function more closely than ever. Cheryl has been developing biological experiments for correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) to localize and identify different types of cells with singular ultrastructural characteristics and working as part of a team to design an innovative image analysis workflow for mining SEM+ postembedding images to quantify proteins expression at different areas of the CNS.

Seth Villareal.jpeg

Seth Villarreal


The STELLARIS 5 Cryo confocal microscrope, including cryostage and shuttle, fulfills the needs of quality imaging as part of a correlative light and electron microscopy workflow. The Coral Cryo workflow of this system features innovative interpolation-based 3D targeting that allows precise positioning of open format coordinate markers in the nanometer scale, in cooperation and prepartion for a variety of seamless integration and transfer options to cryo FIB or VCT stages.

Seth Villarreal is an Advanced Workflow Specialist in the nanotechnology products of Leica Microsystems, providing training and assistance with protocol refinement across a variety of room temperature and cryo-workflows. Seth performs extensive hands-on and virtual training in assisting the preparation of samples for research involving electron microscopy. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University, worked as postdoc at NINDS of the NIH, and then joined Leica Microsystems.

Tech Talk

A Laboratory-based Soft X-ray Microscope for Whole Cell Imaging

Kenneth Fahy, PhD

V.P. Product Management

SiriusXT Ltd.

Event was successfully completed.  Click on the title of each presentation to access recorded video.

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